Patches and Paws Subscription Service

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How it works

Patches and paws subscription service

Convenient, scheduled orders so that you never run out of pet food and pet care products. Ordering and delivery has never been easier!

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Your orders will be delivered to your door at times selected by you, taking the hassle out of new orders each time.

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You are in control, you can cancel, pause or change your order details whenever it suits you. You can have subscriptions for different products for different frequency.

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You will receive the best price on offer and the benefit of any special offers or promotions – not only on your order date but also if the promotion falls within the 7 days prior to your order date.

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How it works

1. Choose your product:
Select which products you would like to put on the subscription service.

2. Choose your frequency:
Select the frequently you would like these products to be delivered to you.

3. Checkout:
Check out as per normal.

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4. Order confirmation:
You will receive an email a few days prior to your next subscription order giving you an opportunity to change the details of your order.

5. Order delivered:
Your orders will be delivered as per subscription schedule.

6. Manage your subscriptions:
Log in to your profile to amend, cancel, pause or add to your order whenever it suits you.

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Frequently asked questionS

Do I have to have an account to use the subscription service?
Yes you do. All orders created on our site require an account. It is quick and easy to set up an account. Please double click on the link.

How do I pay?
We will send you a reminder that your Subscription is going to be placed a few days before we actually create the order.  If you choose to have your credit card automatically charged for each Subscription payment will be taken at the same time as the order is placed. If you choose to pay by EFT we request that you please make payment as soon as you receive the confirmation email that your subscription order has been placed.

Can I have an end date to my subscription or is it for ever?
Your subscription-order will repeat indefinitely unless you choose to cancel it. You can do this really easily by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen after logging in, and choosing [My Subscriptions] from the menu.

How will I be reminded of my order?
You will receive an email a few days before your subscription-order is due to be placed. Once payment is received, we will begin picking and packing your order and you will receive a further email when your subscription-order has been dispatched for delivery

What is the cut-off time to change what I order?
You can make changes to your Auto-order right up to a week before on the date we are due to process your subscription order.

What is the cut-off time to amend frequency and delivery address, etc.?
You can manage all details pertaining to your Subscription-order by clicking on your name at the top of the screen after logging in and then choosing the [My ~Subscriptions] option from the dropdown menu that will appear. You can also add new items (either once off or to repeat) to any upcoming Subscription-order and you do this by choosing the option [Add to Existing Subscription-order] on any product page on the site after you have logged in.

When do you deliver?
Standard delivery 48 hours but if you need it sooner let us know and we got you covered! We can also deliver on a specific day or time – just let us know below.

Are there penalties for cancelling my annual subscription?
If your subscription-order has already been dispatched then there may be an administration charge to cover the costs of picking, packing, restocking and delivery costs that may have been incurred prior to cancellation. Please do try and cancel or skip a Subscription order as soon after receiving the email from us informing you that your order will be placed in x days time.

How do I know that I am getting the best price?
You are guaranteed to receive the best price for the product that you have on subscription-order that Patches and Paws has on offer. You will also automatically receive the benefit of any discount that has been in place at Patches and Paws for the seven days prior to your subscription-order. So not only is Subscription-order convenient but it is also saves you money without you having to hunt around.

How do discounts work for annual subscription service?
From time to time exclusive discounts will be offered on new or existing subscription order orders. If you take advantage of such discounts and cancel your Subscription-Order within 3 months of setting it up, you will not be eligible to receive any further discounts on Subscription Orders orders for a further 3 months. If cancellation happens on more than one occasion, Patches and Paws reserves the right to withdraw the benefit of any Subscription-order discounts.

Are my payment details secure?
Most certainly. Your card details are not stored on the Patches and Paws site but processed by leading ecommerce payment service providers which has the highest level of security controls and are PCI compliant.

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Ready to shop and subscribe? Visit our store now!

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