The 10 best Christmas gifts for your pets

Your pets; they’re definitely part of the family and imagine their fury faces when the rest of the family are ecstatically tearing open gifts on Christmas morning and there’s nothing under the tree for them – tragedy.

Luckily Patches and Paws is a close second only to Santa himself when if comes to knowing what the furbabies want for Christmas. Check out our list of the best Christmas gifts for your pets, because they’re never on the naughty list, ever, even when they’re scratching up the the couch and digging up your azaleas.

For the pups:

  • The Rogz 2-in-1 Bubble Dog Bowl is a must have for suppertime, which we know is Fido’s number one favourite time of day, after walkies… and nap time… and playing fetch. They’re all his favourite, he can’t decide.
  • Speaking of playing fetch, the Rogz Flossy Grinz Oral Care Dog Toy has endless possibilities for fun, with durable build for an intense session of tug of war.
  • Not only is the Rogz Grinz Dog Treat Ball perfect for a vigorous game of fetch, the design will give Rufus a hilariously toothy grin, which is reason enough to get one on its own.
  • Remember, fancy necklaces are not just for the ladies in your life, the Rogz Utility collar is the ultimate in bling for old Bailey.
  • And what Christmas stocking would be complete without the perfect treat, ORIJEN wild boar dog treat, which is a healthy alternative to Santa’s milk and cookies.

For the kitties:

  • Cats can be fussy eaters, but the Rogz Catz Bowlz Stainless Steel Anchovy Cat Bowl is fit for even the fanciest felines.
  • This is a game changer – no longer will Whiskers insist on sleeping on your laptop… while you’re using it. The adjustable Rogz Catz Multi-Purpose Igloo Bed will have them comfortably cocooned for hours on end.
  • Princess Floofpants has good taste. She knows it, you know it, and now the world will know it with the Rogz Catz GlowCat Reflective Glow-in-the-Dark. She will shine brightly like the diamond she is.
  • Anyone who owns a cat knows that they’re really just their cat’s somewhat glorified butler. The Wag World Kitty Castle is the purrrfect little turret for Snowflake’s ever-burgeoning kingdom.
  • You know good and well that your cat can feed himself if he wanted to. He doesn’t need you, he just allows you to take care of his every need because he’s generous like that. ORIJEN orginal cat treats are the perfect way to show your appreciation for his magnanimity.